XSLT at Portland Code Camp 2010

Well, last weekend I had the great opportunity to give a presentation on XSLT at Portland Code Camp. XSLT was a little bit out of the mainstream talks on .NET, Silverlight, SQL Server, etc... as it’s not a new or (to many people anyway) sexy topic. XSLT has been around for over a decade, yet the number of people out there who either don’t know about it, or are afraid of it is staggering. This (and a snide remark about XSLT from Eric Ridgeway (@Ang3lFIR3) on Twitter) factored into my decision to forgo my original idea of a session on Silverlight (there were plenty of others, but I’ll probably still do mine some day) and give this one. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as attendance, but was pleasantly surprised with a fairly good number of eager attendees. If you were one of them, I extend my thanks and appreciation for giving me (a bit over) an hour and fifteen minutes of your time. I hope it was time well spent for you.

A few people asked about getting the slides and examples from my presentation, and I promised I would post them up for anyone who wants them. This blog post is step one toward that goal. I have added and updated a few slides since the talk that help round it out a bit, and I still need to get the XPath examples I used actually put into a document that I can post. I’ll try to have it all up sometime this coming weekend, if not sooner.

Again, thanks to all who attended, and to all who put on such a great Code Camp.